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How to beat Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise

The first proper fight in Monster Hunter Rise pits players against the Great Izuchi. This is the first taste of extended combat that players experience, with the long drawn-out battle potentially proving difficult for newcomers to the series. Thankfully, this boss battle is pretty easy, especially when armed with the knowledge of the MHR Great Izuchi’s weaknesses.

How to kill the Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise

How to beat Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise

To kill the Great Izuchi in Monster Hunter Rise players will want to follow this strategy:

  1. Focus attention on the smaller enemies.
    • Taking down the smaller enemies that flank the Great Izuchi will stop them from attacking you while mid-combo. It will also force your companion Palamute and Palico to focus their attention on the boss creature.
  2. Now attack the Great Izuchi with everything you’ve got.
    • Slam away at the Great Izuchi, but keep an eye on the stamina meter. You’ll want to back out of the fight to recover when it goes low. Likewise, the health meter also needs monitoring. Don’t be afraid to move away from the enemy in order to heal.
  3. Keep dodging big attacks and then go in for the kill.
    • Most of the Great Izuchi’s attacks do minor damage that can easily be offset by carefully healing. However, it does have a high-damage tail spin attack that can catch players off-guard. Always be ready to dodge away when you see it preparing to do this move.

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