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Monster Hunter Rise weapon tier list

Our Monster Hunter Rise weapon tier list takes a look at how useful all 14 types of arms are. Those who played the previous game will find the weapons in MHR very familiar, but there are a few surprising changes. However, for the most part, series veterans’ personal tier lists will still apply here.

When putting together a Monster Hunter Rise weapon tier list, we tried to take into account how friendly a weapon is for beginners, how useful it is for solo players, and how well it performs when mastered. One thing to note is that this tier list doesn’t take into account speedrunning and is more of a general scale.

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List Rankings

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List

Before we get to the explanations for why we ranked the weapons in this order, here’s our comprehensive weapon tier list for Monster Hunter Rise. Take note that just because a weapon is ranked low on the list doesn’t mean it’s not viable. Each weapon type has a unique playstyle, and our D tier might be another hunter’s S tier.

Monster Hunter Rise S Tier Weapons

  • Switch Axe
  • Hunting Horn
  • Long Sword

Switch Axe

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List 3

The Switch Axe isn’t the most beginner-friendly weapon, but it’s not too difficult to grasp. Its wide swings can help chip away at monster weakpoints that other weapons have trouble reaching. The Switch Axe also has one of the most potent attacks in the game with its Zero Sum Discharge.

Because of its versatility, the Switch Axe is excellent for solo players. Monster Hunter Rise didn’t change the way this weapon works significantly, but its new Silkbind Attack does give an effect that makes the player immune to getting knocked back or flinching, which can make a huge difference if performed at the right time.

Hunting Horn

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List 2

The Hunting Horn is an immensely useful weapon type that used to have a steep skill curve. However, that’s changed in Rise. Now, notes are automatically played with a button press with no tempo requirements. For example, players can just tap A+A at any cadence to activate the Attack Up XL buff.

The new Magnificient Trio melody now allows players to get the effects of all stored notes instantly. This means multiple buffs can be cast as part of one combo, which makes it much easier to use the Hunting Horn as a solo weapon.

Long Sword

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List 12

The Long Sword is easy to use, but difficult to master. Its primary advantage is that some of its key moves allow players to dodge and immediately counterattack. Used correctly, players can constantly punish monsters while never taking a scratch.

The most useful addition to the Long Sword’s moveset in Monster Hunter world is the new Serene Post ability. Upon activation, any enemy attack that connects with the player will trigger an immediate counterattack. This counter can be comboed into up to three Spirit Blade attacks, which can immediately turn a fight’s momentum.

Monster Hunter Rise A Tier Weapons

  • Great Sword
  • Dual Blades
  • Heavy Bowgun
  • Insect Glaive
  • Sword and Shield

Great Sword

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List 4

This signature weapon of Monster Hunter is just as useful as ever in Rise. The reason it’s not an S-Tier weapon is because it’s slow and a bit boring compared to other weapons, at least until you start getting into master-level gameplay.

The Great Sword does get a few new options in Monster Hunter Rise. The Wirebug allows access to aerial charge attacks, which is a speedier version of the standard ground charge, which gives a bit of an edge against monsters with high agility. There’s also a Silkbind move called Power Sheathe that increases attack power when the weapon is sheathed.

Dual Blades

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List 13

The Dual Blades are quick and are great for applying status and elemental damage. Their individual attacks are weak, but Demon and Archdemon mode can help make up for that. They also have allow the player to retain high mobility, which is great for solo players who don’t have other hunters to aggro monsters.

The new Shrouded Vault Silkbind attack allows hunters to evade attacks and counter with a spinning slash. Piercing Bind allows players to bind themselves to a monster with a Wirebug and add extra hits to each attack.

Heavy Bowgun

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List 10

The Heavy Bowgun is a beast, but it takes some knowledge and skill for players to use it most effectively. It requires a steady supply of ammo, and each monster is weak to a different type, so a good memory is key to getting the best out of this weapon. However, in the right hands, it can cause the most DPS out of all the types.

New Silkbind attacks make the Heavy Bowgun even more useful. Counter Shot allows for a quick recovery and counterattack if hit by an enemy. More useful is the Counter Charger move, which can nullify damage from an incoming attack and reduce the time needed to use the new Charged Shot attack.

Insect Glaive

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List 6

The Insect Glaive used to be an easy S-Tier, but the removal of the mounting mechanic reduced its usefulness. However, it still allows for excellent mobility with its vault, and Kinsects are still helpful for buffs and restoring health. It’s firmly A-Tier because it continues to be a great choice for solo players.

The one Silkbind attack that’s been added is okay. Diving Wyvern allows players to perform a diving stab from above. It causes high damage, but it can be tough to aim correctly.

Sword and Shield

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List 7

The Sword and Shield can be a beast, but it’s a weapon type that requires finesse to use well. A hunter that has the combos for this weapon memorized can cause just as much damage as a Hammer or Great Sword. However, a beginner will likely have trouble getting the most out of it.

The new Silkbind move Windmill gives the Sword and Shield even more utility by damaging a monster and giving the hunter a long iframe. Timed right, it can be used to avoid receiving damage and requires no windup.

Monster Hunter Rise B Tier Weapons

  • Light Bowgun
  • Hammer
  • Charge Blade

Light Bowgun

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List 9

The Light Bowgun is a decent support weapon, but shouldn’t be the first choice for solo players. In Rise, it gains the ability to use Wyvernblast in the air, which helps DPS, but not enough to transform its usability. The Light Bowgun is best used to harass monsters while other hunters move in to perform high damage attacks. Otherwise, its increased mobility isn’t worth picking it over the Heavy Bowgun.


Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List 8

The Hammer is basically a shorter range, higher damage Great Sword. It has higher mobility than the Great Sword, but its reduced reach makes it hard to hit parts on some monsters. The new Spinning Bludgeon Silkbind attack helps this a bit by launching a hunter into the air. Still, there’s really no reason to pick this over a Great Sword or a Hunting Horn for most players.

Charge Blade

Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List 1

The Charge Blade is the Switch Axe’s less useful sibling. It’s slow, unwieldy, but it still has its place. Its Super Elemental Discharge can cause massive damage to monsters if players go into the fight with the right equipment.

Monster Hunter Rise C Tier Weapons

  • Gunlance
  • Lance


Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List 5

The Gunlance still excels at breaking through monster armor, but it’s just not that fun to use. The Guard Edge Silkbind attack can counter monster attacks and sharpen the weapon while doing so, which is useful. However, it doesn’t get enough changes with Rise to make it a more dynamic weapon.


Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List 11

The one thing the Lance has going for it is that it’s easy to use. Poke when appropriate, guard when needed. Again, it’s just sort of a dull weapon that doesn’t output enough damage.

Monster Hunter Rise D Tier Weapons

  • Bow


Monster Hunter Rise Weapon Tier List 14

There’s not any reason to use the Bow. Hunters who want to do ranged damage are better off using one of the Bowguns. The Bow uses a ton of stamina and doesn’t give much in return.