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Tips and Tricks

As in most strategies build up your resource producing buildings and silos first and upgrade them to the maximum. You need to set up a nice flow of resources.

Maximize the guarding ability of your base even if you have a farming base, by maximizing the defenses.

Also, build the maximum amount that your HQ level will allow, and upgrade them as high as possible.

Depending on your need order your troops to target what you wanna attack first: HQs if you want more battle rank or resource buildings that are not well guarded if you want more resources.

Don’t send more troops than needed to achieve your goals.

Join an active and Large alliance and you can take part in the weekly alliance wars and win some incredible prizes.

To get free medals you;ll have to knock out all of the rocks, trees, ruins and other garbage that pops up on your base. Complete achievements (which are listed under your experience level indicator) to earn free medals as well.

You can get resources by complete the single player missions.