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Is there an It Takes Two Nintendo Switch release date?

It Takes Two, by the admission of its developers, is a “love letter to Nintendo.” It’s pretty surprising, then, that the game isn’t out on Nintendo Switch! The co-op platformer hit PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One on March 26. But, is there an It Takes Two Nintendo Switch port launching in for the future? Here’s the need-to-know on Hazelight Studios’ new game getting a Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite release date.

Is an It Takes Two Switch version coming out?

It Takes Two Nintendo Switch

It Takes Two is perfect for Nintendo’s hybrid handheld console. The Switch encourages local cooperative play with its detachable Joy-Con controllers and, for the most part, is a family-friendly system. It Takes Two ticks those boxes, so would slot nicely into the system’s catalog of games.

Game director Josef Fares is open to releasing an It Takes Two Nintendo Switch version. When asked about a Switch port, Fares said “Sure, let’s release it on Switch. I’m a big fan of Nintendo.” Despite his enthusiasm, however, he concedes that there are “no plans right now” — that means there’s currently no It Takes Two Switch release date.

Fares’ statement came during an It Takes Two preview event, and is available in full below:

“Switch we don’t have any plans right now, we haven’t looked at it. Who knows what will happen in the future, but if it’s possible why not. Sure, let’s release it on Switch. I’m a big fan of Nintendo. But there are no plans right now.”

While not a concrete answer, the development team at Hazelight has clearly expressed an interest in making and releasing an It Takes Two Nintendo Switch version. Watch this space for updates regarding any new developments.

In many ways, It Takes Two actually surpasses Nintendo’s best games. The new Hazelight title “recaptures that childhood magic” incredibly well, as covered in the GameRevolution review.