Box art - It Takes Two

Can you play It Takes Two single-player?

It Takes Two is a co-op adventure, but can you play it single-player? Given that some won’t have a local or online partner to play with, there are questions regarding whether or not it’s possible to have an AI-controlled character join in with you, or if the game can be played completely solo. So is It Takes Two multiplayer-only?

Is It Takes Two single-player possible?

It Takes Two is co-op only, meaning that it is not possible to play it in single-player. The game is almost permanently in split-screen view, similar to developer Hazelight Studios’ previous game A Way Out.

The game’s various puzzle and platforming sections require two players to working side-by-side simultaneously, which is why it does not allow for solo play. Abilities are given to players throughout the game that can only be used when operated in conjunction with one another.

For instance, in one level the character Cody is given explosive gel to shoot, while May is in charge of detonating that gel. In another, Cody must take control of a plane while May is in charge of the gunner turret. As such, there is no way to play It Takes Two single-player.

If you don’t have a co-op partner to play with locally, you can always utilize its online multiplayer to play with a friend or a stranger. However, it is not possible to play as either of its characters Cody or May without teaming up with the other half of the duo.

Players who prefer single-player games may be disappointed, but unlike similar platformers with co-op included rather than essential, It Takes Two leans heavily into its concept. Most progression is tied into collaborating with your partner, and even its story is focused on the central characters rebuilding their relationship. You can read more about that in our review.