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Apex Legends: Stuck on starting server loop fix

Apex Legends may be one of the hottest games on the market, but it’s still prone to errors. When it comes to online play, fans have noticed that the game will occasionally get stuck while matchmaking. This starting server loop makes it seem as if the client is trying to connect, but it often simply won’t. Here’s what causes you to get stuck on starting server in Apex Legends and what you need to do to break the infinite loop.

How to fix Apex Legends stuck on starting server loop

How to fix Apex Legends stuck on starting server loop

The infinite loop that results when Apex Legends is stuck on starting server is almost always caused by network connection problems. In most instances, the starting server loop appears during times of server outages. However, it could also be caused by issues with your in-home network.

If you’re trying to fix the starting server loop, you should first make sure that Apex Legends is actually online. Swing by the unofficial Apex Legends Status website and make sure that server connections are online. If any of the services are down, that’s why you’re getting stuck in a loop. When that happens, the only fix is to wait for Respawn Entertainment to bring the servers back online.

Still, it is possible to get stuck while attempting matchmaking due to your own network issues. These could range from anything to intermittent Wi-Fi signals or to local outages with your ISP. To get to the heart of the matter, try these steps to fix the problem:

  • Power cycle your PC or console
  • Ensure that your PC or console has internet connectivity, either through a network check or by trying to browse the web
  • Move your gaming device closer to your Wi-Fi router, or if possible, switch to a wired Ethernet connection
  • Finally, restart your modem, router, or gateway

If the stuck on starting server loop appeared out of the blue, chances are good that Apex Legends servers are down. When that happens, you may be also told that you’re unable to connect to EA servers, or that no servers are found. Otherwise, the problem has likely been caused by issues with your in-home network connection.