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Monster Hunter Rise: How to beat Narwa

Thunder Serpent Narwa is the final boss of Monster Hunter Rise, and beating them completes the main storyline. This Elder Dragon isn’t actually too challenging. Still, it does have high HP, and it’s easy to slip up and get killed by one of its many area-effect attacks. However, following our guide will ensure any hunter can defeat Narwa with relative ease.

How to prepare to beat Narwa in Monster Hunter Rise

Narwa relies almost exclusively on Thunder elemental attacks. Many of its attacks also inflict stun, which is the most dangerous part of the fight. Hunters should equip armor, talismans, and charms that protect against these types of attacks. Eating the right Bunny Dango combo can help as well, as can buffs from the Hunting Horn.

If a hunter has enough Thunder and Stun resistance, Narwa becomes a lot easier, and minor mistakes will be a lot less impactful to the overall fight. Narwa does have armor in some awkward places, so having a weapon equipped to pierce through it can help. However, with the tactics we’re using, Narwa’s armor won’t get in the way too often.

Monster Hunter Rise Narwa weaknesses

Monster Hunter Rise Narwa Weakness

Narwa’s primary weakness is the big sac on its abdomen. Hitting it here when it’s charged will cause the most damage. If it’s not charged, then the head should be the primary target.

Hunters who want to break parts should wait to attack the wings and tail until they’re charged with electrical energy. When this occurs, they’re vulnerable and much easier to break.

How to beat Narwa in Monster Hunter Rise – Phase One

Monster Hunter Rise Narwa Phase 1

The first phase of the fight with Narwa isn’t too taxing. The most dangerous attacks it’ll perform are a wide area attack shooting lighting from its tail, a charge, and a circular 360 ring that can only be avoided by using the Wirebug.

Fortunately, platforms will break out of the ground throughout the fight to offer refuge from Narwa’s attacks. If its attacks happen to hit one of these platforms, it’ll just break apart and only rarely cause damage to the player. Often, Ballista and Machine Cannons spawn on the platforms, which allow you to pelt Narwa with massive amounts of ranged damage.

During this phase, it’s best to play it safe. Avoid attacks by utilizing the platforms and use the gun emplacements as the primary damage dealers. The exception to this is when Narwa helpfully places its thundersac right on a platform so hunters can whack it. This happens several times throughout this phase, so make sure to take advantage of it when it does.

Hunters will want to keep an eye out for a message on the right side of the screen that says the Splitting Wyvernshot is unlocked. When this appears, fight Narwa until it’s stunned, then rush over to the controls on the left side of the three spikes in the wall and use them to fire a mortar round at Narwa for massive damage.

How to beat Narwa in Monster Hunter Rise – Phase Two

Monster Hunter Rise Narwa Phase 2

During this phase, Narwa’s attacks will become slightly more aggressive, and it’ll start using an electric breath attack which covers a similar arc to its electric tail attack. The electric breath is much quicker than the electric tail, but it doesn’t fire over as wide of an area, which makes it easier to dodge. It’ll also start using an attack that covers a 360 radius around its body. There’s a long wind-up for this, so when hunters see a large glowing ring forming around Narwa’s body, they should just run away to avoid it.

It’s during this phase that Narwa’s limbs and tail will become charged. That makes this an excellent time to target them for breakage. The platforms will appear more sporadically, but they’ll still carry gun emplacements, which should continue to be a hunter’s primary source of damage. As Narwa takes more damage, it’ll start performing massive all-range attacks. However, all hunters need to do is watch for platforms to appear out of the ground and step on them to avoid the brunt of the damage.

To end this phase, continue fighting Narwa until a message stating that the Dragonator is unlocked appears on the right of the screen. Like last time, stun Narwa and then head to the right of the three spikes on the wall to activate the Dragonator. This’ll cause massive damage and start phase three.

How to beat Narwa in Monster Hunter Rise – Phase Three

Monster Hunter Rise Narwa Defeat

Phase three is a bit tougher because Narwa gets more aggressive. Again, a hunter’s main goal should be to climb onto platforms when they appear and use gun emplacements to cause damage. However, Narwa will now occasionally tailwhip a floating platform, which causes a moderate amount of damage. Once again, its stomach will be charged, and it will occasionally rest it near a platform allowing the hunter to blitz it.

The hardest part of this phase is that almost everything Narwa does is accompanied by expanding rings that cause a moderate amount of damage if they connect. They’re not tough to dodge individually, but sometimes there are so many on-screen it’s impossible not to get hit. The key here is to choose what damage to take. It’s much better to take a hit from one ring than get caught by a more damaging attack.

There’s no big finisher to this phase. Players just need to beat on Narwa until its HP is depleted. It seemed like when it was almost defeated that more cannons appeared, they should be used when possible since they do a lot more damage.