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Monster Hunter Rise Roly-Poly Lanterns quest: Where to find Firelanterns locations

The Roly-Poly Lanterns quest in Monster Hunter Rise has hunters finding the locations of Firelanterns. Players can find these items in the Shrine Ruins and must pick up eight of them to accomplish their mission. Fortunately, Firelanterns extremely easy to pick up once players know how to find their locations.

Monster Hunter Rise Firelantern locations

Monster Hunter Rise Firelantern location map

To find Firelanterns in Monster Hunter Rise, players must first pick up the Roly-Poly Lanterns quest. This is among the beginner-level 1-Star missions, so it’s available very early on.

Once a player has a mission, they should head to the Shrine Ruins. These are easy to find because players can pull up the map and highlight their locations by choosing “Shimmering Red Berry.” These are the type of resource nodes that’ll drop Firelanterns. These nodes look like plants with a few red flowers on them. Usually, they can be harvested for Wisplantern, but for this mission only, they’ll drop the Firelantern.

This mission is really easy to complete once a hunter figures out that the map clearly marks each Firelantern location. In fact, it’s one of the most straightforward missions in the game. The only somewhat tricky place to get to is the one at area 6. For this one, players have to climb up some nearby vines and then around the cliff face to find the plant.

This is an excellent opportunity to explore the entire map for hunters that haven’t done so. Getting rid of the fog of war will help pinpoint large monsters later on, which is helpful. Once players have located all eight Firelanterns, the timer will start counting down, and they’ll return to the village. Fortunately, this quest auto-completes, so players don’t have to return to the quest giver to get credit for it.

Don’t get comfortable, though. This quest was a snap. They get much, much harder.