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Stardew Valley: How to get Cloth

Stardew Valley is all about living off the land. No matter what you farm, forage, or fish for, chances are you’ll find something useful. You can even get cloth in order to craft a variety of clothing items. Though you’ll probably need some specialized machinery, the crafting requirements for cloth in Stardew Valley are far from steep. Here’s what you need to know.

How to get Cloth in Stardew Valley

How to get Cloth in Stardew Valley

Cloth in Stardew Valley can be made by processing wool in the loom. Alternatively, you can get cloth from Mummies, the Desert Trader, or the recycling machine by feeding it Soggy Newspaper.

If you’re going the traditional farmer route, using the loom to make cloth is your best bet. While you can get wool from rabbits, it’s easiest to get from sheep. Of course, you’ll also need to purchase the shears from Marnie’s Ranch. Sheep can be sheared for wool every three days, and one unit of wool will typically produce one unit of cloth when processed on the loom. Higher-quality pieces of wool have a chance to produce more than a single piece of cloth.

For players in a hurry, you can get cloth quickly by visiting the Desert Trader on Wednesdays. There you’ll be able to barter for one unit of cloth in exchange for three Aquamarines. Otherwise, you may consider rummaging through trash or fishing to find Soggy Newspaper. When placed in the Recycling Machine, Soggy Newspaper has a ten percent chance to drop a single unit of cloth.

As you may have guessed, cloth in Stardew Valley is used when tailoring clothes. Once you get access to the sewing machine (your own or the one inside Emily and Haley’s house), you’ll be able to customize your own clothing. The sewing machine will also allow you to dye clothes, and if you have some Rainbow Shells on-hand, you’ll be able to dye them any color you like. As a bonus, these shells can also be used to craft a bikini top, perfect for exploring the newly added Ginger Island.