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Monster Hunter Rise Sleep Herb Locations: How to craft Tranq Bombs

Sleep Herbs are an essential item for those wanting to capture monsters in Monster Hunter Rise. This crafting material is used to make both Tranq Bombs and weapons that can inflict the Sleep status on monsters. Fortunately, they’re plentiful and can be farmed rather easily once a hunter knows which locations to check.

Where to find Sleep Herb locations in Monster Hunter Rise

How to find Sleep Herbs Monster Hunter Rise

Sleep Herbs aren’t rare at all. However, hunters will need a steady supply of them to craft Tranq Bombs. This item makes capturing monsters a lot easier. These herbs are found as part of resource nodes. Once harvested, it takes a while for the node to regenerate, so farming Sleep Herbs will mostly center around methods to speed this process up.

So far, we’ve obtained Sleep Herbs from resource nodes in three different regions:

  • Shrine Ruins
    • Areas: 2, 12, 13
  • Flooded Forest
    • Areas: 1, 3, 12
  • Frost Islands
    • Areas: 1, 5, 6, 7

These nodes won’t always drop the same amounts of Sleep Herbs, but they produce them reasonably reliably. Each node takes about four minutes to regenerate. However, players can use the Raisin d’etre Bunny Dango to activate the Dango Harvester effect, which reduces the wait.

How to craft Tranq Bombs in Monster Hunter Rise

Those who want to capture monsters will need a steady supply of Tranq Bombs. It doesn’t take much to craft them, but it’s easy to waste a bunch of them on one monster.

To craft a Tranq Bomb, players need:

  • 1 Sleep Herb
  • 1 Parashroom

Players can find Sleep Herbs using the advice above. Getting Parashrooms isn’t hard either. These items spawn in mushroom resource nodes which can be found commonly across the entire game. Again, using the Raisin d’etre Bunny Dango is an excellent way to prepare for Parashroom harvesting. It will also cut down the regen time with mushroom resource nodes.