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Monster Hunter Rise Acute Fang Location: What monsters drop it?

The Acute Fang is a tricky item to find in Monster Hunter Rise. It’s needed to make a few armors and weapons, but it doesn’t drop from large monsters or resource nodes. Getting an Acute Fang in Rise can take some time, but we’ve found a surefire way to obtain one, which we’ll explain below.

Acute Fang locations in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Acute Fang Location

The Acute Fang is a small monster drop that likely only appears once the player hits High-Rank content (at least we didn’t get any before that). It’s possible that it may be a rare drop when playing as a Low Rank, but we never got one.

We can confirm the Acute Fang drops from the Bullfango, which can be found two locations: the northern part of the Shrine Ruins and in the Flooded Forest. Fortunately, these creatures are extremely easy to take down, especially once a hunter has reached High Rank. They’re not particularly easy to farm. So, it’s best to take them down when visiting one of the two areas to fight another monster or while harvesting other resources (like Light Crystals).

Other players have reported the Acute Fang dropping from

  • Baggi
  • Delex
  • Gajau
  • Jaggi
  • Jaggia
  • Wroggi
  • Zamite

However, we can’t confirm that players can obtain the item from these monsters as we haven’t had them drop it in our playthroughs.

The following weapons need at least one Acute Fang to craft:

  • Marino Cannon
  • Hunter’s Bow I

The following armor needs at least one Acute Fang to craft:

  • Arzuros Greaves S
  • Baggi Coil S
  • Bone Coil S
  • Bone Greaves S
  • Bone Mail S
  • Death Stench Bowels S
  • Death Stench Heel S
  • Jaggi Gauntlet S
  • Jaggi Mask S
  • Kulu-Ya-Ku Greaves S
  • Rhenoplos Braces S
  • Skull Visage S
  • Uroktor Coil S

It can take a while to get enough Acute Fangs to make these armor and weapons. However, half the battle is knowing where to look, and that part’s over now.