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Monster Hunter Rise Amber Fang: How to get and farm

The Monster Hunter Rise crafting and upgrade system asks users to gather a lot of Amber Fangs. Making some of the best weapons and armor requires this resource, so, naturally, players are seeking it out. Fortunately, it’s possible to speed up the process by learning the quickest and easiest Monster Hunter Rise Amber Fang farming method. Here’s the lowdown on getting Amber Fang and Amber Fang+ in MHR on Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite.

MH Rise: How to get Amber Fang and Amber Fang+

Monster Hunter Rise Amber Fang

To get the Amber Fang and Amber Fang+ crafting materials in Monster Hunter Rise, players need to defeat Barioth monsters and then loot them. In order to increase the drop rate, break as many parts as possible during the fight.

Players can find Barioth in the Frost Islands location. They’re large flying wyverns, so keep an eye on the sky in order to help locate them quickly. Fans of the series may already be familiar with this species of monster, though if not, it’s easy to identify them by their distinctive large fangs.

While killing Barioth is the best way to farm Amber Fangs, they’re still a rare resource. There’s a relatively small change that players will earn Amber Fang, or Amber Fang+, by performing captures and carves on a Barioth. Meanwhile, breaking parts from this wyvern massively increases the Amber Fang drop rate in Monster Hunter Rise.

The Barioth poses quite a large threat, though it’s possible to win battles faster by exploiting the enemy’s weaknesses. Barioth are weak to fire and thunder, so it’s helpful to employ these elements when farming Amber Fang and Amber Fang+ in MHR.

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