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Monster Hunter Rise: Where to find Firestone location

Many weapon upgrades require players to find Firestone in Monster Hunter Rise. This material is also used to craft several armor pieces. Hunters might find they need Firestone, but haven’t unlocked the location where it can be found yet. Even once players know how to find it, this item is a rare drop.

Where to find Firestone in Monster Hunter Rise

Monster Hunter Rise Lava Caves Firestone

In Monster Hunter Rise, Firestone can be found in Lava Caverns. It is a rare drop from the mining outcrops found throughout the area. Keep in mind that the caverns have two levels, and mining outcrops are scattered throughout. So, to maximize farming Firestone, players will have to devise a route that covers the area’s entirety.

It’s possible that Firestone might drop more often at High Rank than it does at Low Rank. We haven’t been able to test this statistically, but that’s the case with Light Crystal, another similarly rare mining material.

Quite a few weapons use Firestone for upgrades:

  • Aknosom Blade II
  • Aknosom Lance II
  • Aknosom Pike II
  • Axelion Blade I
  • Barbaroi Blade I
  • Barroth Loader II
  • Blazeblades I
  • Cawscythe I
  • Djinn I
  • Dual Daggers
  • Eizenlitter
  • Elite Blade I
  • Elite Switch Axe I
  • Fiore Nulo II
  • Heat Lance II
  • Iron Bayonet I
  • Kamura Blade IV
  • Kamura C. Blade IV
  • Kamura Chorus IV
  • Kamura Cleaver IV
  • Kamura Glaive IV
  • Kamura Glintblades IV
  • Kamura Gunlance IV
  • Kamura H. Bowgun IV
  • Kamura Hammer IV
  • Kamura Iron Axe IV
  • Kamura Iron Bow IV
  • Kamura L. Bowgun IV
  • Kamura Spear IV
  • Kamura Sword IV
  • Lava Pick I
  • Meteor Bazooka II
  • Millennial Lance
  • Power Gasher I
  • Pumpking II
  • Scale Tornado II
  • The Shredder I
  • War Mace

The Firestone is also needed for several armors:

  • Aknosom Greaves S
  • Anjanath Vambraces
  • Basarios Helm
  • Bullfango Mask
  • Ingot Mail
  • Kamura Head Scarf S
  • Rathalos Coil
  • Tigrex Mail
  • Uroktor Torso
  • Utsushi Chest (H)
  • Utsushi Chest (V)
  • Utsushi Tassets (H)
  • Utsushi Tassets (V)

Finally, a few weapons also require Firestone as part of their forging:

  • Cawscythe I
  • Djinn I
  • Flaming Fury I
  • Usurper’s Roar I