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What is the Monster Hunter Rise endgame?

After completing Monster Hunter Rise, players will be wondering what activities are next for the endgame. For many RPGs, it’s after the storyline ends when the true game begins, with overpowered bosses to fight and epic loot to earn. MH veterans wouldn’t be surprised to see elder dragons and Tempered Monsters. However, the MH Rise endgame is a little different and, at the time of writing, players are waiting on an endgame update. Here’s the need-to-know info.

Monster Hunter Rise endgame content

Monster Hunter Rise Endgame

The Monster Hunter Rise endgame is the Rampage mode, where players can take down Apex Monsters to earn resources.

With the planned April update, the MH Rise endgame will expand to include the new Chameleos monster, other new creatures including Apex Rathalos, an unlocked HR cap (increasing from HR 7), and other “related features.” Once this update and has been downloaded and installed, the endgame experience will have grown to include other tough monsters and an unlocked Hunter Rank.

The downside is that the next Monster Hunter Rise update is coming in “late April,” meaning hardcore players who

Future updates should further expand the MH Rise endgame, with “Several new monsters, etc.” listed as patch notes for the future. Players are told to “Get ready for more monsters!”

Compared to Monster Hunter World, Rise’s endgame content offering is a little lacking. However, starting with the late April update, it should at least begin to grow.

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