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Monster Hunter Rise Roadmap: 2021 updates and DLC details

Fans are eager to learn what’s next for Monster Hunter Rise, following its successful launch on Nintendo Switch and Switch Lite. The new MH game already has a combination of paid DLC and free content updates, though what can players expect from MHR in the future? Here’s the latest on Capcom’s Monster Hunter Rise roadmap for 2021.

Monster Hunter Rise content roadmap (2021)

Monster Hunter Rise roadmap

The post-launch Monster Hunter Rise roadmap begins with the free April update. Arriving in late April 2021, the new MH Rise patch will add several monsters including the Apex Rathalos and Chameleos. This MHR title update (Ver. 2.0) will also unlock the Hunter Rank max level cap, along with making unspecified changes to “related features.”

After that, the second Monster Hunter Rise title update (Ver. 3.0) will arrive “at a later date,” according to Capcom. The free MHR content patch will include additional monsters and, excitingly, an all-new MH Rise ending. It doesn’t look like this conclusion will completely replace the original, however, as the devs call it “an additional ending” to the narrative arc.

Here’s the Monster Hunter Rise roadmap made simple:

  1. Monster Hunter Rise April update — Ver. 2.0 patch
    • Launching late April 2021.
    • Adds Apex Rathalos, Chameleos, and more new monsters.
    • Unlocks the Hunter Rank maximum level cap.
    • Additional changes currently TBA.
  2. Monster Hunter Rise title update 2 — Ver. 3.0 patch
    • Release date unknown.
    • Adds additional monsters.
    • Implements a new ending to the MHR storyline.

Stay tuned for additional updates as and when they happen. Capcom states that MH Rise will receive a level of post-launch support similar to that of previous Monster Hunter games, so there should be plenty more to come!

While waiting on MHR downloadable content and title updates to arrive, make sure to prepare for the all-new hunts. With lots of new monsters on the way, gathering crafting components to build and upgrade weapons and armor is vital.

Here’s how to get Firestone, Amber Fang, Quality Fin, and Big Fin.