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How to fix Outriders ‘Matchmaking Unavailable’ error

The Outriders “Matchmaking Unavailable” error can appear at the worst of times. When looking to join a group of players as a solo or to fill the party, the game’s matchmaking system can sometimes suffer an error and give the message: “Could not connect to Outriders servers.” Here’s how to fix this.

Outriders “Matchmaking Unavailable” error fix

Outriders Matchmaking Unavailable error fix

To fix the Outriders “Matchmaking Unavailable” error fix, players should try the following:

  • Close the game and reopen it.
    • Fully closing the game and then signing back in and fix this issue. This is especially the case on consoles where the game is loading from a rest mode.
  • Check the internet connection.
    • Ensure your router is providing a stable internet connection to your PC or console.
  • Confirm that Outriders is not down for maintenance.
    • The official Outriders Twitter account can be used to monitor when the game is down for scheduled or unscheduled maintenance. Hardcore players will want to bookmark this.

In GameRevolution’s experience, closing the game and reopening it has solved the issue multiple times now. The PS5’s ability to resume the game immediately from Rest Mode appears to be causing the problem.

Here’s hoping players can quickly remedy the issue by using the above fixes. Of course, if the game is down for maintenance, users will need to wait until servers are back online. That is one of the downsides to an always-online game like Outriders.

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