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Outriders Player Bans: What happens to cheaters?

As with most multiplayer titles, Outriders isn’t immune to online cheaters. With users attempting to utilize cheat engines and hacks, players bans can come about as a result of the game’s cheating policy. So, will Square Enix and People Can Fly be issuing Outriders player bans? Here are the consequences for being branded a cheater on PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox One.

Does Outriders ban players for cheating?

Outriders player bans

Rather than banning cheaters outright, Outriders brands cheating players with an appropriate on-screen watermark. Offending users can then only play with other Outriders hackers in a limited matchmaking pool. These measures are account-wide and not character-specific.

Square Enix notes that matchmaking will take “significantly longer” once cheater verification is complete. Users are able to continue playing Outriders solo (with an internet connection) and the “discreet but visible” HUD watermark in place.

What counts as cheating in Outriders?

  • Running the game without Easy Anti Cheat enabled.
  • Modifying game files to enhance characters.
  • Modding the game to reduce or eliminate timing-based factors.
  • Using an Outriders trainer program or cheat engine to gain an advantage.
  • Utilizing hacks such as an Outriders aimbot or wallhack.

It isn’t really possible to cheat accidentally, as using a VPN and other potential gray areas have been given the green light by Square Enix and People Can Fly.

So, Outriders doesn’t ban legitimately identified cheaters from playing the game. It does, however, make online multiplayer significantly less accessible by restricting the matchmaking pool to only include other cheats. Since this solution applies to the offending account, not a specific character, using Outriders hacks like a trainer program, cheat engine, aimbot, and/or wallhacks is not a good idea.

Outriders is experiencing somewhat of a rocky launch right now. Some players can’t progress past the login screen, while many users with access to the game are encountering an inventory wipe glitch.