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How to fix Fortnite ‘Invalid Client’ error

The Fortnite “Invalid Client” error is popping up for players across PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iPhone. The error impacts those using an Epic Games account to log into the game. Thankfully, there are some workarounds. Here’s how to fix the Fortnite “Invalid Client” error.

Fortnite “Invalid Client” error fix

Fortnite Invalid Client Error

To fix the Fortnite “Invalid Client” error, players should do the following:

  • Reboot the game.
    • Close the application completely and then reopen it. Check to see if you can now log into Fortnite successfully.
  • Restart the Epic Games Store application.
    • If playing on PC, right-click and “Exit” the EGS app in the system tray.
  • Monitor @FortniteStatus.
    • Keeping an eye on the official Fortnite Status Twitter account will let you know when services are back up and running.

At the time of writing, Epic Games services seem to be down. This is not just affecting Fortnite, but other services using Epic Games accounts. The Epic Games Store is also down.

The official @FortniteStatus account tweeted the following:

As noted in the tweet above, this issue is affecting players who log into the game using an Epic Games account. Also mentioned in the tweet above is that the developers are now working to fix the issue.

Here’s hoping the devs can find a solution quickly, in order to get Fortnite fans and other Epic Games account users access to the games they love playing.

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