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New Fortnite update fixes some key Creative Mode problems

The Fortnite 3.10 patch is now rolling out across PC, PS5, Ps4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch. (It will also be available on Android later, though iPhone support is still up in the air.) The new update focuses on fixing the game’s Creative Mode. Thankfully, this update does not require any downtime, meaning players can carry on enjoying themselves. The update will be installed after the current match has ended or before launching the game. Here are the Fortnite 3.10 update patch notes for today, March 19.

What are the Fortnite 3.10 update patch notes?

Fortnite 3.10 Update Patch Notes

Version 3.10

  • Fixes missing textures in some galleries in Creative Mode.
  • Fixes the problem where players were unable to drop specific stacks of materials or ammo in Creative Mode.

The patch notes were shared by the official @FortniteStatus Twitter page. This is a great resource for keen players who want to know the latest technical issues and fixes that the Epic Games development team. Combine that with the Fortnite Community Trello and passionate players can track the game’s direction.

Creative Mode players will no doubt be happy to see the fixes being rolled out. While it might not affect the game’s main battleground, with Battle Royale remaining untouched by this update, it’s still good to see the developers rolling out support only a few days after another big update. Clearly this was a pretty urgent matter, with the fix pushed out as soon as possible.

While the Fortnite March 19 patch might be small, the previous update was massive. It introduced Season 6 which meant big changes to the map, new weapons, gadgets, skins, and more.

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