Fortnite Joy-Cons coming later this summer

Fortnite Joy-Cons are finally coming to the Nintendo Switch later this summer. Nintendo announced these new blue and yellow Joy-Cons earlier today along with their release date and price: June 4 for $79.99. But this bundle doesn’t have controllers as it also comes with a few in-game goodies as well.

These Fortnite Joy-Cons come with 500 V-Bucks (around $4 in value) and a download code for in-game cosmetics in the form of the Fleet Force bundle. The Fleet Force bundle contains a glider (with the same color scheme as the included Joy-Cons) as well as two pickaxes that somewhat look like the electric prods that the Empire uses in Star Wars.

The Joy-Cons themselves are a solid color — blue for the left and yellow for the right — but they each have a special something on them. The yellow one has Peely’s face on the front with its left eye being the Home button. It also has “Nana Nana” painted on the back. The blue one just has an “F” on the backside.

Where to buy the Fortnite Joy-Cons

Neither Nintendo nor Epic have shared details on how to buy this new Fortnite Joy-Con bundle. Pre-order are not yet live. There was also no big hint about when those pre-orders would also hit storefronts. The Fortnite Joy-Con release date is still a few months away so that pre-order day might not come for a bit.

However, the new season starts on March 16, which would be a great day to start letting people pre-order these controllers. There’s probably some promotional synergy there. These Joy-Cons will likely be widely available when they do release and will therefore probably be at most retailers. Players just need to have a little patience before dropping in with these new Joy-Cons.

This Fortnite Joy-Con bundle is reminiscent of the Switch console Nintendo sold in November 2020. It had similar-looking (but slightly different) Joy-Cons and a console with Fortnite-related imprints on it.