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How to watch the Fortnite Season 6 live event 2021

With the Fortnite live event 2021 being the “most ambitious story cinematic yet,” many players will want to tune in to watch it. Whether it’s on YouTube, Twitch, or in the game itself, the Zero Crisis Finale will be available to view. Here’s how to watch the Fortnite Season 6 live event for 2021.

How to watch the Fortnite live event 2021

To watch the Fortnite live event 2021, players can either log into their game, watch a streamer on Twitch or YouTube, or view the stream on the official Fortnite page.

Logging into the game once the Season 6 update is live will let users play through the Season 5 finale. This is arguably the best way to watch the Fortnite live event for 2021, as it promises to be the most immersive.

Heading over to the Twitch or YouTube Fortnite pages when the event goes live will no doubt list many streamers playing the event. Pick a friendly face and enjoy!

The official Fortnite YouTube channel has the Zero Crisis Story Cinematic, which goes live at 4 AM ET. It’s embedded below for convenience.

The thumbnail of the Zero Crisis Finale shows Agent Jonesy preparing for battle. Ahead of him lies the island aflame, presumably with various named places suffering damage. Of course, this is normally how Epic Games changes the map for a new season, with some form of destruction!

Anyone who misses the live event can watch it on-demand later. This means there is no pressure to wake up early in the morning to watch.

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