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How to beat all Fortnite Marigold Challenges

Fortnite just launched a new set of Golden Touch Challenges, and completing them rewards players with free V-Bucks! The Challenges relate to the Marigold character skin, also known as Female Midas, which players will need to own. Here’s the lowdown on beating all the Fortnite Marigold Challenges for PC, PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS users.

How to complete Fortnite Marigold Challenges

Fortnite Marigold Challenges

After purchasing the Fortnite Golden Touch Challenge Pack for $11.99, payers gain access to a new tab under the in-game Quests menu. The Special Quests tab houses all of the Marigold Challenges, which users can complete for free V-Bucks. Marigold states “Don’t tell anyone I’m here, and I’ll make it worth your while.” At this point, Female Midas also offers her first Challenge.

Female Midas’ Golden Touch Challenges guide

  1. 100 V-Bucks — Complete Uncommon or Rarer Quests (0/6)
  2. 200 V-Bucks — Complete Uncommon or Rarer Quests (0/12)
  3. 300 V-Bucks — Complete Uncommon or Rarer Quests (0/18)
  4. 400 V-Bucks — Complete Uncommon or Rarer Quests (0/24)
  5. 500 V-Bucks — Complete Uncommon or Rarer Quests (0/30)

Uncommon XP Quests are usually the quickest and easiest to complete in Fortnite. As such, the best way to complete the Fortnite Marigold Challenges is by prioritizing the completion of as many simple in-game Quests as possible.

Those intending to complete every Fortnite Marigold Challenge will eventually turn a profit. The Golden Touch Challenge Pack costs $11.99, yet completing all of the Female Midas Quests grants 1,500 V-Bucks in total ($14.99). So, players can gain three dollars in premium currency by beating all of the content.

That’s a pretty good deal, especially since users also get to keep the Marigold Outfit, Golden Gambit Back Bling, and Golden Daggers Pickaxe. All of these items come with the Fortnite Golden Touch Challenge Pack as standard.

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