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Outriders Missing Side Quest: 54/55 completed

Outriders players might find that they’re missing a side quest when they reach the end of the game. Those that complete the story and are finishing up content will notice that doing all the missions listed on the map only completes 54/55 side quests. So, where’s the missing side quest needed to complete the Philanthropist accolade?

Where is the missing side quest in Outriders?

Outriders Missing side Quest accolade

Those who have completed 54/55 side quests in Outriders are almost certainly missing the secret mission found in the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk. The mission to find the Forgotten Chapel doesn’t appear on the area map and must be discovered by the player.

We’ll be going into detail on how to obtain and complete the hidden side quest in another guide. However, before checking it out, make sure to go through the checklist below.

Outriders Side Quest List

Here is a list of all 55 side missions in Outriders:

Rift Town Side Quests:

  • Payback
  • A Bad Day
  • Terra Infirma
  • Historian – Everlasting
  • Wanted – The Perforator
  • Pour One Out (after main story)

First City Side Quests:

Eagle Peaks Side Quests:

  • Divine Intervention
  • The Scientific Method
  • Historian – Timeless
  • Hunter – Coldclaw
  • Wanted – Hailstorm

Deadrock Pass Side Quests:

  • Nature’s Call
  • A Free Market
  • Historial – Vision
  • Wanted – Brickhead

Trench Town Side Quests:

  • Return Fire
  • A Heart of Gold
  • The Outrider’s Legacy (multi-part)
  • Life’s Treasure

Wreckage Zone Side Quests:

  • Hunter – Oreyard Queen
  • Wanted – Bloody Baron

Quarry Side Quests:

  • Dying Wish
  • Historian – Roots
  • Hunter – Bigjaw
  • Wanted – Scalp King

Forest Enclave Side Quests:

  • Rigging the Game
  • Predator to Prey
  • Hunter – Splittooth
  • Wanted – The Hornet

The Stronghold Side Quests:

  • The Other Ingredient
  • Hunter – Moldfang
  • Wanted – Maneater

Ancient Ruins Side Quests:

  • Old Powers
  • Hunter – Spinewretch
  • Wanted – Headmasher

The Gate Side Quests:

  • Unknown Presence
  • Historial – Memories
  • Hunter – Wendigo
  • Wanted – Blitzkrieg

Dunes Side Quests:

  • Historian – Survival
  • Hunter – Hauras

Utargak Side Quests:

  • Shepherds of Enoch

Desolate Fort Side Quests:

  • Big Iron
  • Hunter – Sandshifter

Canyon of the Grand Obelisk Side Quests:

  • Turning Point
  • Forgotten Chapel (hidden)
  • Historian – Connection
  • Hunter – Typhon

Pax City Side Quests:

  • Sins of Our Fathers
  • Historial – Change

The Caravel Side Quests:

  • Historian – Evolution