How to fix YouTube comments not showing up 2021

A number of internet users are finding that YouTube comments are not showing up. Sometimes it appears as if comments are not loading, while other times it seems as if all comments are gone. As it turns out, this is a common issue that can occur following platform updates or browser mishaps. Here’s how to get YouTube comments back in 2021.

YouTube comments not showing up | How to fix 2021

YouTube comments not showing up - How to fix 2021

It’s possible that YouTube comments aren’t showing up due to your internet browser’s cache. If comments are still gone after restarting your browser, you can usually fix the problem by clearing your browser cache.

It’s not entirely clear why YouTube comments will occasionally disappear. One of the more common theories is that this bug occurs after Google pushes out new updates to the platform. The company has recently been tweaking how comments are displayed, so any disappearing comments may actually be intentional.

Some users have suggested that logging out and back in will solve this problem, but that’s not a guaranteed fix. This is especially true if YouTube servers are experiencing technical difficulties. When that happens, you may also get the YouTube 503 error.

For whatever reason, this issue is most commonly connected to a problem with the information stored in your browser cache. Thankfully, you can easily clear the cache to fix the problem and get YouTube comments to reappear.

How to clear cache on Chrome:

  1. Within Chrome, click More
  2. Navigate to More Tools
  3. Choose the option to Clear browsing data
  4. Ensure that both “Cookies and other site data” and “Cached images and files” are checked
  5. Click Clear data

How to clear cache on Firefox:

  1. Click the menu button to open the Options menu
  2. Select Privacy and Security
  3. Under Cookies and Site Data, click Clear Data
  4. Ensure both “Cookies and Site Data” and “Cached Web Content” are selected
  5. Click Clear

Though the exact steps may be different, the process is largely similar for other browsers such as Opera, Edge, Safari, and Vivaldi. Clearing the browser’s cache will force the application to fetch the data it needs to load YouTube comments correctly.

In most cases, YouTube comments will disappear due to browser cache issues. Other times, comments may not show up after a platform update. Either way, your best bet to fix the problem is to clear your browser’s cache.