Box art - Zombie Army 4: Dead War

Is Zombie Army 4 cross platform?

A Zombie Army 4 cross platform play mode would let players of all systems — PS4, Xbox One, PC, and Switch — band together and kill the many hordes of the undead. But, of course, the game needs to support such a feature first. Here’s whether or not Zombie Army 4 supports cross play across PC, Stadia, PS4, Xbox One, and Switch.

Does Zombie Army 4 have cross play?

Zombie Army 4 does technically support cross play. However, it is very, very limited. According to developer Rebellion, Zombie Army 4 players on the Epic Games Store can party up with those on Steam. This means that most PC players can play with each other no matter what their launcher is. However, the Stadia version does not appear to have cross play either, but that probably doesn’t apply to most players since most of its PC playerbase is likely on Steam or Epic.

But this still leaves out all console players. People on PS4, Xbox One, Stadia, and Switch can only play with people on that platform. And according to a tweet from the official Zombie Army Twitter account, it will likely stay that way. The above tweet in question stated that the developer had “no plans for crossplay.”

Given that the game is over a year old, it is unlikely that the co-op shooter will get such a feature, especially since its final piece of DLC released earlier in 2021. Rebellion did just release PS5 and Xbox Series X upgrades to coincide with its release on PlayStation Plus and Xbox Game Pass, but that probably does not mean something bigger like cross play is coming. Anything could change, but such a feature means that a full native port is probably not coming and Rebellion is probably looking to fully commit to its next game, whatever that may be.