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Outriders: Why is the world tier not going up?

As you progress further into Outriders, you’ll eventually be able to reach higher world tiers. Enemy difficulty and item rarity increase at higher levels, providing greater rewards but at greater risk. Under normal circumstances, your world tier will rise as you defeat more enemies and gain experience points. However, some players may find that the world tier is not going up. As it turns out, there are a few common reasons why this may happen.

Why is the Outriders world tier not going up?

Why is the Outriders world tier not going up?

Players who find their Outriders world tier not going up are probably dying too often. Killing enemies grants experience that causes the world tier to rise, but dying causes you to lose accumulated EXP. Put simply, the world tier is not going up because you’re losing the experience points you need to get it to go up. The fix is simple: Stop dying so much.

Of course, that’s just the most common problem. However, there are some other factors to keep in mind. In order to get your world tier to go up, you need to gather experience at the highest tier available. Playing at tier five will never unlock tier seven, for instance. To reach the next highest tier, you need to prove yourself at the current highest tier.

Outriders - Set automatic world tier level

However, it’s also possible that you may have accidentally toggled off the option to play at the current highest tier. From the World Tier menu, you can press the left trigger to automatically drop you into the highest tier available. If the setting has been turned off, you’ll continue playing at whichever tier you’d set previously. Because you’re not playing on the highest tier available, your world tier will not go up.

In other words, to unlock further Outriders world tier levels, you need to play on the highest tier you can and die as little as possible. Your world tier will not go up if you’re playing on lesser tiers or dying too frequently. Now that you’re working toward the proper end game, here’s what to do if Outriders matchmaking is unavailable, or how to fix the “game not found” error.