Stardew Valley Summer Seeds: What plants do they grow?

In Stardew Valley, Summer Seeds are one of the four different kinds of seasonal wild seeds. This item helps players grow one of the plants that are typically found while foraging. This gives players the chance to stockpile a type of plant they’d normally have to search for. They can also be sold for a tidy profit once players learn to craft them.

How to craft Summer Seeds in Stardew Valley and what plants they grow

Stardew Valley Summer Seeds Price Grow

To craft Summer Seeds in Stardew Valley, players need to hit Foraging Level 4. At this point, they’ll get the Wild Seeds (Su) recipe. Once this is obtained, mixing a Spice Berry, Grape, and Sweet Pea will produce 10 Summer Seeds.

When sowed, Summer Seeds can produce one of three plants:

  • Grape
  • Spice Berry
  • Sweet Pea

Players can also craft summer Seeds through the Seed Maker. Putting one Spice Berry inside of it will produce anywhere from 1-3 Summer Seeds. Additionally, completing the Summer Foraging Bundle in the Crafts Room at the Community Center will reward players with 30 of these items.

Summer Seeds can be quite profitable. An Iridium grade Grape, Spice Berry, and Sweet Pea will only sell for 420g altogether. However, using them to craft Summer Seeds can net 550g if players sell all 10 packs produced. Additionally, since seed packs don’t have grades, players can use ingredients of any grade to make them.

Summer Seeds take seven day to grow. They spend three days in stage one and four days in stage two. The plant can be confusing at times for players because it can take on a similar appearance to a dead crop in stage two. Unfortunately, like all wild seeds, players won’t know what plant of the three possible types is growing until it’s ready to harvest.

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