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Does Outriders have split-screen or local co-op?

Though Outriders can be enjoyed solo, it’s a multiplayer-centric game. That leaves fans wondering whether it has split-screen and local co-op or not. These increasingly rare features make it much easier for two people in the same house to enjoy a game together. Outriders split-screen and local co-op would make things simpler for a multi-gamer household. Otherwise, players would need two systems and two copies of the game, even if they’re under the same roof.

Does Outriders have local split-screen co-op?

Outriders Split-Screen Co-op

Outriders does not have split-screen or local co-op. Each player must have their own system and copy of the game to play co-op. Fortunately, the game does have cross-play, which allows for a bit more flexibility. So, PC players can play with PS5 owners, and so on.

Local co-op and split-screen are becoming rarer and rarer, especially with complex games like Outriders. While there haven’t been any technical reasons given as to why the game doesn’t support these features, it’s likely due to a lack of demand and processing power on consoles.

From what we’ve seen, Outriders is well-optimized, but it’s still demanding enough that running it in split-screen would likely require players to accept a lower framerate or drastically reduced graphical fidelity. A PC might be able to swing local co-op, but that feature is even rarer on that platform.

To play co-op, players will have to matchmake over the internet. LAN co-op is, unfortunately, not available either. Given the multitude of server issues the game had during launch, it has been even more frustrating for those who could have played the game locally offline. However, despite these issues, the game has received a warm reception and looks to be a hit.