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Does Outriders have multiple endings?

As players near the conclusion to Outriders, they’re likely wondering if the game has multiple endings. There are quite a few twists and turns along the way that might have caused things to go in another direction had they played out differently. Below, we’ll take a look at whether there are multiple Outriders endings or not.

Warning: Spoilers below.

Are there multiple Outriders endings?

Outriders Multiple Endings Good Bad

Outriders only has one ending, and it’s neither good nor bad. After the main character and his entourage make it to the Caravel, Dr. Zahedi is able to call down the remaining resource pods docked to the Flores. Because this sets up the endgame Excursion activity, this is the only possible ending.

There’s no way to prevent the multiple character deaths that happen along the journey. Unfortunately, those people won’t make it regardless of what actions the player takes.

The conclusion of Outriders is a sum-neutral outcome. Humanity has a better long-term chance of survival with the massive influx of resources from the drop pods. However, they’re not going to change the political landscape of Enoch overnight. The ECA and the Exiles will continue to fight, and the pods could just provide them the materials to provide for their war efforts. After 30 years of fighting, there’ll be enough animosity that having enough resources to go around isn’t going to fix everything miraculously.

The ending of Outriders is really just a new beginning. While humanity might not be on the precipice of extinction anymore, the situation on Enoch is still terrible. The Anomaly still has the humans pinned in a relatively small area, and the Pax are still trapped in their violent Feral forms. We don’t know yet whether the story will continue in a DLC, expansion, or a future game. However, the conclusion of Outriders is very open-ended, which means anything could happen.