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Outriders Roadmap: Will there be DLC or expansions?

Now that players are approaching the endgame of Outriders, many are wondering what the game’s roadmap looks like. Pretty much every major game gets DLC or expansions, so it would make sense that People Can Fly has some new content in store for Outriders. However, the situation is a bit more nebulous than with most titles.

Is there an Outriders DLC roadmap for future expansions?

Outriders Roadmap DLC Expansion Content

As of now, there is no Outriders roadmap. People Can Fly has stated that if the game proves to be popular, it’ll consider creating expansions. However, there are no plans for any piecemeal story or cosmetic DLC.

Since it’s a “complete” game, Outriders doesn’t need any DLC to flesh it out. The devs will obviously patch the game with fixes, but as of now, there are no plans to do more. However, given the game’s enthusiastic reception, even in the face of launch issues, it’s almost a given that we’ll see an expansion at some point.

Though the Outrider’s journey came to an end at the conclusion of the game, there’s still plenty of room for new stories involving them or other characters. Humanity’s fate is far from certain, even with the pods from the Flores providing new resources to help them survive. The ECA is still in conflict with the Insurgents, and the Anomaly continues to threaten death at any time to those who aren’t Awakened.

The final fate of the Pax is also in question. Though it seems like the species is functionally extinct, with all its members converted to Ferals, there’s a chance they might be saved. If we had to guess, a future DLC or expansion would center around trying to correct the near genocide of the native population of Enoch.

Hopefully, we’ll know more about the future of the Outriders franchise soon. We’ve enjoyed our time with the game and can’t wait to see what People Can Fly does with it next.