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Outriders Secret Accolade: Get access to a locked room guide

One of the Secret Accolades in Outriders requires players to “get access to a locked room.” To complete this task, players must unlock a door through a hidden side mission. However, none of this is marked, and figuring out where the locked room is, and how to get inside it, requires some investigation.

How to find the locked room to complete the Investigative Secret Accolade in Outriders

Outriders Secret Accolade Locked Room Pedestal locations

The Secret Accolade that requires the player to get access to a locked room in Outriders is part of a hidden side quest called Forgotten Chapel. This mission is hidden in the Canyon of the Grand Obelisk and can be completed at any point (regardless of level), even during the first time through the area as part of the story.

There’s a very easy to overlook door along the Cliffside Path part of the region that can be unlocked by activating three pedestals scattered throughout the canyon. The confusing part of this is that there are six of these pedestals in the area, two that are used to open the main story path and one that is needed for a side quest. The other three can be activated at any time but don’t have any apparent effect.

The three pedestals players must activate the door are located in the following regions:

  • Canyon Entrance (North)
  • Canyon Entrance (South)
  • The Monolith

Forgotten Chapel Pedestal #1 – Canyon Entrance (North)

Outriders Locked Room Pedestal Locations Secret Accolade 4


Players will probably see this one during their first trip through the canyon. Coming from the camp, head left when the path forks, and this pedestal will be at the end of the trail.

Forgotten Chapel Pedestal #2 – Canyon Entrance (South)

Outriders Locked Room Pedestal Locations Secret Accolade 3


After fighting the first group of enemies (the mix of Perforos), instead of proceeding up the stairs and straight to the Cliffside Path, veer right and head up the second flight of steps toward a structure. Inside of this building, the second pedestal can be found and activated.

Forgotten Chapel Pedestal #3 – The Monolith

Outriders Locked Room Pedestal Locations Secret Accolade 2

This one is easy to find. Just head to the rear of the monolith and enter the small chamber, and it’s right there.

Finding the Locked Room in Outriders

Outriders Locked Room Pedestal Locations Secret Accolade 1

Once the locks have been unsealed, players will have a notification for a new side quest appear. It’ll direct them toward the Cliffside Path. Here, there’ll be a door with three glowing runes on it. Each of these ruins corresponds to a pedestal. Once all three runes are lit, the pedestal beside the door can be activated, which will open the locked room.

Entering the room and opening the chest will complete the Forgotten Chapel side quest and unlock the Secret Investigative Accolade. The chest also contains a guaranteed legendary tier item, which is an excellent prize for not much work.