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Outriders: What is Anomaly Power used for?

Anomaly Power is an important stat in Outriders, but it’s not clear at first what it affects. This is another aspect which the game doesn’t explain that well. Raising a character’s Anomaly Power should be a goal for most players, but there’s a good chance they won’t know that and miss out on a great way to improve their build. Fortunately, we’ve got the full explanation of what Anomaly Power does below.

What does Anomaly Power do in Outriders?

Outriders Anomaly Power Stat

The Anomaly Power stat factors into the damage calculation for melee (known in-game as the Anomaly Push), skills, and status effects. The higher a character’s Anomaly Power, the more effective these will be. If Outriders were a traditional RPG, this would be the Magic stat.

Given the emphasis on class skills in Outriders, Anomaly Power is a very important stat. However, it’s easy to overlook it and go through the game without knowing how much it can benefit a character. A high Anomaly Power stat can make a character almost unreliant on weapons and is the key to making the most out of Altered powers.

The best way to increase Anomaly Power is through leveling up a character. Besides that, there’s also the gear and the class tree. Many weapons and armor come with a modifier that increases Anomaly Power. The rule tends to be that the higher level a piece of gear is, the higher it’ll raise the stat. However, unlocking class nodes is the most effective way of permanently increasing it as it doesn’t require the player to keep a piece of gear equipped.

Luckily, characters can respec their entire class tree at any point. So, players who accidentally overlook how important Anomaly Power is in Outriders can start their build over from scratch, even if they’ve already completed the game. Now, head over to our other guide to learn more about Leech and how it works.