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Outriders: How to level World Tier fast

In Outriders, World Tiers determine the type of loot players get. So, the faster World Tiers are leveled up, the better the gear drops will be. However, leveling the tiers can slow to a standstill if the player isn’t careful.

How to level World Tiers in Outriders quickly

Outridesr World Tier Level Fast

To level up World Tiers in Outriders, players need to be playing on the highest one they’ve unlocked. Playing on a World Tier lower than the highest level unlocked does not accumulate any progress toward the next one. Additionally, dying causes players to lose World Tier experience. However, World Tiers will never level down permanently. Once they’re unlocked, they’re available for good.

The quickest way to level up World Tiers in Outriders is to play on the highest one unlocked and not die. It’s as simple as that. Players who keep fighting and winning will find themselves leveling up regularly. This means players should always have the game auto-set to raise the difficulty to the highest available tier.

If a player finds themselves dying in one particular spot in the game, there are two options:

  • Backtrack and fight enemies until they’ve gained better gear/skills.
  • Temporarily lower the World Tier and raise it back to max at the earliest availability.

If at all possible, the first option is always the best. It keeps players working on their World Tier, even if they have to return to an earlier area and face easier enemies. However, there are several points in the game where there’s either no choice but to move forward, or players are unable to mod their gear. If this is the case, then lowering the World Tier by one or more levels to get through a fight won’t put players too far behind. However, they should raise it back to the max as soon as possible. Otherwise, they’ll stop making progress on leveling up their World Tiers.