Invisible, Inc. PC Cheats


General Tips
  • Remember the rewind function if you're playing on the appropriate difficulty level(s). It can get you out of a jam at a critical moment.
  • If one of your character is held up, don't panic. You still have one turn to save them, so figure out a way to knock out the guard with another character or sneak away if you have nearby cover.
  • It's best to save your credits for items even though you can level up characters. A lot of the programs and weapons prove more useful in a playthrough.
  • If you choose a rescue mission, make sure you have equipment for the character. They don't start with weapons, so they'll be useless until you find something for him/her.
  • Try to finish levels quickly, as a higher security level introduces more threats. Security level 4 in particular is when things start to get really tricky.
  • Don't worry if you fail, Invisible Inc. is meant to be replayed. Just learn from your mistakes and start another campaign.
  • Always peak through doors before you open them. There may be a guard or camera on the other side that will spot you.
  • Set up an ambush attack when you know a guard is coming your way. It doesn't cost AP and ensures a knockdown.
  • If you have enough PWR, unlock safes. Trust me, you want the credits in there.

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Attention to DetailSteal from every safe in a level.
Contact Re-establishedSurvive for 24 Hours.
Ghost MovesBeat a level without ever being spotted by a guard or camera on Beginner or Expert difficulty.
Nearing Confidence ThresholdSurvive for 48 Hours.
Target ResolvedSurvive for 72 Hours.
Training WheelsBeat the game on Beginner difficulty.
Fully EquippedUnlock every agent, agent alternate, and starting mainframe program.
Ant SocietyBeat the game on Experienced difficulty.
Meat MachineInstall 4 augments on an agent.
The LimitBeat a level after reaching Alarm level 6 in the level on Expert difficulty.
Invisible Inc.Beat the game on Expert difficulty.
Rebuilding the FirmSurvive 5 days in Endless mode.
Daemon CodeBeat the game with Faust and Brimstone.
Never Look BackBeat the game with rewinds set to 0 on Expert difficulty.
Time AttackBeat the game in Time Attack mode.
Smooth OperatorSurvive 5 days in Endless Plus mode.
Acceptable HostBeat the game on Expert Plus difficulty.
Corporate LadderSurvive 10 days in Endless mode.