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Best Core games to play free on Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store users are being treated to a free copy of Core, the game and creation system that first launched in open alpha back in March of 2020. Core is a rather unusual game in that it serves as a springboard for other user-created experiences. Using a variety of available assets, players can create their own games and share them with other members of the Core community. If you’re just now jumping into the action, here are our choices for the best Core games to play for free through the Epic Games Store.

Core: The Best Free Games April 2021

Even though Core first launched back in 2019, the game only reached its open alpha phase in 2020. Since then, a growing number of players have created fresh experiences that represent some of the most popular genres in all of gaming.

Now that Core is currently free on the Epic Games Store, a huge number of new players are flocking to the platform. That’s good news, considering that many of the best Core games are designed with multiplayer in mind. Still, no matter where your preferences may lie, there’s something available for all variety of tastes. And, best of all, they’re all available entirely for free.

Core Royale

Best Core games - Core Royale

Developed by Manticore Games, the same studio that created Core itself, Core Royale is a new take on the popular battle royale formula. And, to be frank, it looks a whole lot like Fortnite. That’s not exactly surprising, of course, considering that both games run on the Unreal Engine.

All the usual battle royale elements are here: Weapons, destructible objects, and an ever-encroaching storm cloud forcing survivors into an inevitable face-off. What you won’t find are the major pop culture crossover elements that have made Fortnite skyrocket in success. Still, it’s free, and Core founders can bring their mounts directly into matches.


Best Core games - Minigolf

Developed by the team at Divided, Minigolf is exactly what it sounds like: A digital recreation of miniature golf. As you may expect, this isn’t exactly an action-packed game. Still, it makes up for what it lacks in excitement with serene visuals and relaxing gameplay.

It’s full-featured, too, offering 18 different levels topped off with a few interesting sci-fi touches. Up to eight players can join together for rounds, and there are a number of unlockable cosmetics including balls, hats, ornaments, and more.

Sir Pepe and The Goblins

Best Core games - Sir Pepe and The Goblins

Sometimes the best games are ones that call back to our favorites from yesteryear. If you cut your teeth during the 8- and 16-bit eras, you’ll feel immediately at home with Sir Pepe and The Goblins. Developed by deepHorizonsCI, this side-scrolling action title takes more than a few cues from Ghosts ‘n’ Goblins.

That’s a good thing, because Sir Pepe and The Goblins brings a distinctly old-school flair to Core. It’s a side-scroller with challenging combat, same as the games it draws its inspiration from. Plus, the fantasy-inspired settings are rendered with crisp, modern 2.5D visuals. The result is a game with classically inspired action that’s able to meet the graphical demands of current-generation players.

Star Colony

Best Core games - Star Colony

Created by MantleGames, Star Colony looks to be one of the most ambitious titles available on Core. It’s a sprawling MMORPG set in a cyberpunk-inspired sci-fi future, offering players the chance to fight foes and explore the shambles of a ruined earth.

Of all the games featured on this list, Star Colony is perhaps the most visually impressive. Core players have compared it with games such as No Man’s Sky, World of Warcraft, and Cyberpunk 2007, and it’s easy to see why.

Tumbleweed Typo Hunters

Best Core games - Tumbleweed Typo Hunters

Typing games are great for killing time, but not all of them allow you to outright kill misspelled words. Fortunately, Tumbleweed Typo Hunters by andyman404 fills this niche nicely. Players explore a procedurally generated world littered with outlaw words who don’t want to conform to the norm. Fortunately, bullets can help them see the error of their ways.

Of course, there’s much more here than simply spelling words properly. Players can join up with friends to track down vagabond verbiage, tackle quests to earn special rewards, and manage their money in order to afford doctors, lodging, and even ammunition.

Forgotten Cisterns

Best Core games- Forgotten Cisterns

One of the most popular games across all of Core is Forgotten Cisterns, a fantasy-inspired RPG developed by Keppu. Forgotten Cisterns was created as part of the game’s Design-A-Dungeon contest sponsored by Dungeons and Dragons, which took place late last year.

Take one look at the game and it’s easy to see why it earned the top prize. It has lush, vibrant visuals, with an overall aesthetic that seems to call back to some of Blizzard’s hottest properties. It’s a full-fledged RPG, too, with co-op, loot, and plenty of monsters to slay. It’s not a very long experience, only lasting somewhere around 30 minutes total. Still, it’s a fantastic showcase of just what’s possible using Core’s game creation tools.