What is the First Class Trouble PS4, Xbox, and Switch release date?

The new hit game First Class Trouble is a neat combination of Among Us and BioShock, with more than a hint of the classic murder mystery title The Ship. In it, players work together to survive a disaster, shut down the evil AI, and avoid the murderous robot traitors hiding in their midst. The First Class Trouble PC version is out now on Steam early access, but what about the First Class Trouble PS4, Xbox, and Switch release date? Is it coming to consoles, and if so, when?

Is there a First Class Trouble PS4, Xbox, and Switch release date?

There is no set release date for First Class Trouble on PS4, Xbox, or Switch. While a PS4 version is in development, its launch date is unconfirmed.

Developer Invisible Walls has been very quiet regarding the First Class Trouble release date on all platforms, however, it has at least confirmed that a First Class Trouble PS4 version is in the works. As to when players can expect to see the game on PlayStation platforms, or even on Xbox or Switch, is another matter entirely.

As of right now, the developer still lists the First Class Trouble PS4 version on its website, but it does not even confirm whether this translates to a PS4 or even a First Class Trouble PS5 release, which is a possibility too.

However, currently there has been no confirmation of when the First Class Trouble PS4 release date will actually be. The First Class Trouble PC beta that’s out now is estimated to be in early access for approximately 6-12 months, so it’s entirely possible that fans on PlayStation won’t see the First Class Trouble PS4 version until the game’s ready to come out of early access. Fortunately, the game continues to receive regular updates, and you can find the latest First Class Trouble patch notes right here. Fans should expect to hear news of a First Class Trouble PS4 date later in the year.