First Class Trouble update patch notes today, April 20

The First Class Trouble update patch notes have been released, today, April 20, with this brand new FCT patch introducing new features such as cowboy outfits and a water pistol.

The patch notes have been revealed, with the update rolling out on PC via Steam. Three new features have been added to the early access game, while the rest of the new update focuses on various tweaks and bug fixes.

First Class Trouble continues to rise in popularity, with the game sharing a similar premise to Among Us. Tasking players with completing a series of objectives while being unwittingly hunted by imposter Personoids, the game has already been popular among YouTube content creators and Twitch streamers. While this latest update doesn’t add much new content, its various fixes will help keep the game in a stable state.

First Class Trouble update patch notes

Here are the full First Class Trouble patch notes for its update today.


  • New Cowboy outfits (unlocked at level 15)
  • Water Pistol (rare drop) – use this to wash away the competition.
  • New Airlock appearance – an eye sore that we finally had some time to fix. Now you can enjoy it even more as you pull the handle and watch your friends fly away out of the airlock.


  • Character display name is set to a maximum of 16 characters
  • Death timers on hazards (drowning, freezing, burning, electrocuted) lowered by 50%
  • Being flushed in the Airlock or Emergency Flush fades the screen to black
  • Casino level has been further optimized for performance
  • Proximity voice distances have been slightly reduced
  • Co-op button press to open doors activate on press instead of release
  • If players are not connected to our servers, or Steam, a UI overlay will let them know and ask them to reconnect
  • A message will be given to players if they are banned from the game
  • An RDM option added when reporting players
  • When zoomed all the way in as a vruumba, now enters ‘spectator’ mode (no vruumba sound and character is hidden)

Bug fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the Dancing achievement did not work
  • Fixed an issue where players’ shoes would disappear when crouching
  • Fixed an issue where picking up a dropped syringe would play an evil 3D sound for everyone to hear
  • Fixed an issue where unlockable items did not correspond with the player level
  • Fixed an issue where sabotaging a Passenger Log did not give sabotage points
  • Fixed an issue where you were unable to rebind the text-chat (default: U) to a key.
  • Fixed an issue where your eye color selection was not applied
  • General improvements to Vruumba Hat Tag Game
  • Fixed some holes in the starting area, where players could exit through as a Vruumba

Known issues

  • Push to talk on end-screen can appear not to work if it is mapped to the mouse.

    Fix: Do not map it to the mouse just yet.