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Nier Replicant ver. 1.22: Is there fast travel?

Most players will wonder whether Nier Replicant ver. 1.22 has fast travel or not. After several hours of running around, it begins seeming like there must be a way to quickly return to locations Nier has previously visited. After all, fast travel is a staple of open-world games, so it would make sense that Nier Replicant has it.

Note: Some spoilers below.

Does Nier Replicant have fast travel?

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Nier Replicant does have fast travel, but it doesn’t unlock until halfway through the game. Unlocking the ability to fast travel is part of the main story, so players can’t miss it. However, by the time it becomes available, most will have given up hope on it.

Most open-world games introduce fast travel fairly quickly. However, Nier Replicant is all about the journey, so players will have to thoroughly explore the game’s world before they get a chance to skip the scenic route.

How to unlock fast travel in Nier Replicant

Nier Replicant Unlock Fast Travel

Players will likely notice the boats that appear in several locations throughout the game. The first time Nier passes these, it seems that they’re just background scenery, but they become part of the fast travel system later.

To unlock fast travel in Nier Replicant, players must progress until Poppola asks Nier to head to Seafront and check on a contractor that is supposed to repair the canal system that connects the various areas together. After a short mission, the worker agrees to head to Nier’s Village and begin work on the canals.

However, the fruits of Nier’s labor aren’t realized immediately. In fact, it takes five years for the canals to be repaired. It’s not until the time skip that occurs halfway through the game that players can actually use the fast travel system. Fortunately, the boats prove to be very valuable in the latter part of the game and make backtracking a lot more tolerable (especially the fishing side quest).