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Nier Replicant ver. 1.22 Boar Hunt: How to kill the boar and get its tusk

One of the first side quests players can undertake in Nier Replicant ver. 1.22 is the Boar Hunt. This mission tasks Nier with killing a giant boar and taking its tusk. It might seem like a run-of-the-mill quest, but the reward for completing it is the ability to ride a boar in several areas, which is vastly quicker than running on foot.

How do you kill the boar in Nier Replicant?

Nier Replicant Hunt Boar Kill Tusk

Players can undertake the Boar Hunt side quest very early on in Nier Replicant. The catch is that they’re likely not strong enough to kill it at this point. The boar on the Northern Plains is a challenging foe at the beginning of the game, which means players are best off waiting a bit before taking it on.

We were able to defeat the boar with some effort after visiting The Aerie for the first time. The easiest way to take it down is to wait until it charges and hit it with Dark Lance. If this magic attack hits the creature when it’s charging, it’ll stun it and allow players to continue to evade it. This might take a while because the boar has high HP, but it’s a surefire and safe way to defeat it.

Once the boar has been defeated, players will get the Boar Tusk. They can then return to Nier’s Village and speak with the quest giver to complete the mission. After this point, players can ride a boar in both the Northern and Southern Plains, which is a great alternative to fast travel in the first half of the game.

While riding the boar in Nier Replicant, players can use its dash to travel fast or to attack enemies. It makes collecting resources like mutton a lot easier and traversing some of the larger areas of the game less frustrating.