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How to fix Outriders Scrap Grenade Bug

There are many great Outriders weapon mods to find, and the legendary Outriders Scrap Grenade mod is something players will find very useful. It does a lot of damage in a short period of time after reloading, but many players are reporting that there’s an Outriders Scrap Grenade bug currently affecting the mod that simply causes it to stop working altogether. Here’s how to fix this annoying and potentially lethal bug.

What is the Outriders Scrap Grenade bug and is there a fix?

The Outriders Scrap Grenade weapon mod bug can be fixed by either swapping the mod out for a single mission, or can be avoided by not using it too quickly after cutscenes.

Players have found this particular weapon mod to be extremely useful, as it’s a Tier 3 Legendary mod that allows the first shot after reloading to become an Anomaly projectile that deals significant damage over a 5-meter radius. Consequently, the Outriders Scrap Grenade bug is as simple as it is annoying. At certain moments, the mod just stops working.

The bug seems to occur most during Expeditions, which are normally a great way to get Legendary armor and mods. During an Expedition cutscene, do not press any buttons, and do not attempt to use the Outriders Scrap Grenade mod for a short time after cutscenes or at least until you can use your normal abilities. Alternatively, switch to a weapon without the mod attached during the cutscene. If you’ve already got the bug, remove the mod and complete a mission, that seems to fix the bug. Hopefully the Outriders Scrap Grenade mod bug will get patched soon.

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