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How to get Outriders Borealis Monarch armor set

The Technomancer is one of the most fun classes to play as in Outriders, and finding a good Outriders Technomancer legendary armor set may be a lofty goal but a vital one. One of the best sets in the game is the Outriders Borealis Monarch armor set, which comprises five pieces and offers some excellent ice powers to devastate your enemies. Here’s how to get the Outriders Borealis Monarch legendary armor set.

Where to find the Outriders Borealis Monarch legendary armor set

To get the Outriders Borealis Monarch armor set, you can increase your World Tier level in order to farm legendary armor sets, complete Monster Hunt quests to gain a piece of legendary armor, or gather Drop Pod resources after completing the campaign.

Getting the Outriders Borealis Monarch armor set is no easy task, as unless you get lucky with a loot drop you’ll need to play several missions that guarantee legendary armor rewards in order to get it. You’ll need to do a lot of loot farming to get all five Outriders Borealis Monarch armor pieces, and there’s no guarantee you’ll get any pieces from this particular Technomancer legendary armor set as your reward or drop.

There are several reliable methods to farm legendary armor sets in the game, although all will require a lot of replay. The most obvious thing to do is increase your World Tier level. This will make for a more challenging experience but will up the chance of legendary drops. Beyond that, completing ten Monster Hunt quests and then turning them in will guarantee a piece of legendary armor. Additionally, once you’ve unlocked the Expeditions missions by completing the campaign you can play through these to get Drop Pod resources and buy legendary armor directly.

All of this is difficult and will take a lot of time but it’s certainly worth it to get the Outriders Borealis Monarch armor set, which does a lot of cold damage, allows for multiple ice turrets, and then gives you 80% increased weapon damage on frozen enemies. Furthermore, the gloves piece of the set may even give you the useful Captain Hunter mod.

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