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Outriders: All Classes, Skills, and Abilities

Combat is a major focus of Outriders, and getting the most out of each class involves knowing their abilities inside and out. Especially when it comes to cooperative play, the most efficient players are those that can not only protect themselves, but enhance the skills of other allies. Don’t be daunted by the options: Check out the full list of Outriders classes, skills, and abilities featured below.

All Classes, Skills, and Abilities in Outriders

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There are four different classes in Outriders: Devastator, Pyromancer, Trickster, and Technomancer. As you probably expect, each class has a distinct play style. Some are better at tanking enemies, while others rely on stealth and cunning to deal high damage.

Based on their names, each class seems to fill a niche for certain play styles. However, class abilities are varied enough to allow for some improvisation. Plus, despite having obvious focuses, abilities and skill trees can further hone each character’s offensive and defensive powers. If you want to be the best, you’ll need to know which abilities best suit a given strategy.

Devastator Class – Damage Dealer

Outriders classes - Devastator skills and abilities

The Devastator is the class of choice for players who tend to go tank. Its abilities primarily include skills to interrupt enemies, restore health when foes are killed, and deal damage over a small radius.


  • Earthquake – Releases a blast of energy that damages and knocks back enemies
  • Golem – Temporarily reduces damage taken
  • Gravity Leap – Deals damage to a single target and knocks back surrounding enemies
  • Reflect Bullets – Creates a barrier that absorbs projectiles, then reflects them back toward enemies
  • Impale – Interrupt a target and inflict Bleed damage. If the Impaled enemy is killed, create a small zone providing a temporary buff to armor and health regeneration
  • Tremor – Causes AoE explosions that deal damage and drain enemy health
  • Boulderdash – Charge forward and smash the ground, interrupting enemies in the area
  • Endless Mass – Trap an enemy in stone, applying Bleed and drawing nearby enemies toward the target before exploding

Passive Abilities:

  • Melee – Attacks cause enemies to Bleed
  • Healing – Nearby fallen enemies heal the Devastator

Pyromancer Class – Crowd Control

Outriders classes - Pyromancer skills and abilities

The Pyromancer is an excellent choice for players looking to deal ranged damage to groups of enemies. This is the class of choice for area-of-effect damage, which makes the Pyromancer perfect for crowd control.


  • Heatwave – Release a wave of fire that deals damage and Burns enemies
  • Feed the Flames – Draw an enemy toward you, dealing damage, applying Ash, and draining health
  • Thermal Bomb – Deal damage and interrupt a single enemy. Slain enemies will explode
  • Overheat – Deal damage and interrupt enemies in a large radius. Increase Burn damage
  • Volcanic Rounds – Replace your magazine’s ammunition with Burn rounds that pierce through targets
  • Ash Blast – Creates an explosion that applies the Ash effect
  • FASER Beam – Release a powerful beam that interrupts, Burns, and damages enemies
  • Eruption – Unleash a volcanic eruption that deals damage to all enemies within the area

Passive Abilities:

  • Melee – Attacks apply the Burn status to nearby enemies
  • Healing – Marked enemies that are slain recover Pyromancer’s health

Technomancer Class – Robotic Support

Outriders classes - Technomancer skills and abilities

The Technomancer is Outrider’s primary support class, capable of dealing long-range damage and inflicting various status effects. This probably isn’t the best solo class, but it can make a huge difference in co-op multiplayer.


  • Scrapnel – Throw an explosive device that deals damage and interrupts enemy skills
  • Cryo Turret – Place a turret that deals damages and Freezes enemies. Turret health is reduced over time
  • Pain Launcher – Releases missiles that deal damage and Interrupt enemies caught within the blast radius
  • Blighted Rounds – Fill your weapon’s magazine with ammunition that applies the Toxic effect. The Toxic debuff extends to nearby enemies
  • Tool of Destruction – Summon either a Rocket Launcher that interrupts enemies or a Minigun that deals physical damage
  • Fixing Wave – Release a wave of healing energy that restores health to both allies and friendly turrets
  • Cold Snap – Release a wave of frigid air to Freeze enemies across a large radius
  • Blighted Turret – Place a turret that deals damage and inflicts the Toxic effect. Turret health is reduced over time

Passive Abilities:

  • Ranged Damage – Increase long-range weapon damage by 15%
  • Leech – Increase both Skill and Weapon Leech by 15%

Trickster Class – High Risk, High Reward

Outriders classes - Trickster skills and abilities

Fans of the rogue class will likely get their kicks out of the Trickster. This is an agile class with the potential to deal very high damage, and its risk-vs-reward healing ability allows the Trickster to be regain health when killing in close quarters.


  • Temporal Blade – Slice in front of you, dealing damage, interrupting, and Slowing enemies
  • Slow Trap – Slows down enemies and projectiles caught within the area of effect
  • Hunt the Prey – Teleport the Trickster behind an enemy and boost shield
  • Twisted Rounds – Replace your magazine’s ammunition with Anomoly bullets that deal extra damage
  • Cyclone Slice – Summon a storm of blades that deal damage and interrupt enemies within the area of effect
  • Borrowed Time – Grants a Shield and places a mark at your current location. Trigger the skill again to teleport back to the marked location
  • Venator’s Knife – Throw a knife that bounces between up to five enemies, applying Slow and doubling initial damage dealt by the Trickster
  • Time Rift – Unleash a shockwave that suspends enemies in mid-air, inflicting Weakness and leaving them temporarily paralyzed

Passive Abilities:

  • Healing – Close-range kills heal the Trickster and restore Shield
  • Health – Extra 5% to maximum HP
  • Shield – Extra 5% to maximum Shield

Each of the four different classes in Outriders are designed to work together. In order to be most effective in combat, players should synchronize not only their abilities, but the timing of each skill used. Beyond that, each class also has its own class tree, where Class Points can be used to further refine various play styles. If you feel like trying out a new play style, here’s how to change your class in Outriders.