New Outriders chest farm nets 10 chests in four minutes

Opening chests in Outriders is one of the best ways of increasing a character’s attack and defense, with a supply of weapons and armor. What’s more, chests also contain resources for further upgrading equipment. When running through the story, all players should be keeping an eye out for chests hidden off the beaten path. Some story missions offer more chests than others, with one particular chapter allowing users to open 10 chests in under four minutes. This is especially valuable to those hunting for endgame loot at higher World Tiers.

Best Outriders chest farming route

New Outriders Chest Farm

The best Outriders chest farming route is as follows:

  1. Head to Eagle Peaks Story Point #4.
  2. Fast travel to the Bunker Peak location.
  3. Collect the ten chests shown in the video below.
  4. Exit to the lobby.
  5. Choose the Story Point again to reset the chests.
  6. Repeat the farming route.

Upon mission complete, enemies do not respawn. Players can freely explore the area without having to fight anything. Assuming the developers at People Can Fly leave this as is, this chest farming route should remain viable.

The level of the loot received in chests is tied to the player’s World Tier. A World Tier of 15 means level 42 armor and weapons will appear. These can be Rare or Epic. Farming until players acquire a full arsenal of level 42 gear is great preparation for the earlier Expedition Challenge Tiers.

What’s more, this farming route is also great for netting Titanium, as Epic items can be dismantled for that rare resource.

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