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Outriders: Best mod combos and loadouts

Finding the best mods and loadout in Outriders can make the game significantly easier. At higher World Tiers, the odds are stacked against the player (even with a good build), but the right combination of mods can make a difficult fight manageable. We’ve found some winning Outriders mod combos (that work no matter what class a player picks) and which type of weapons they work best with.

What are the best mod combos in Outriders?

Outriders Best Mods Loadouts


The best mod combo for single enemies in Outriders is Ashen Bullet and any mod that staggers an enemy with a fast cooldown. Fusion Blast is a decent one that’s relatively common. The best mod combo for groups of enemies is something like Winter Blast (which freezes enemies in a four-meter radius) and Icebreaker (causes killing shots to make frozen enemies explode, dealing damage).

Putting one of these combos on a Double Gun and the other on an Assault Rifle worked best for us. The quick reload and excellent range of those two weapons makes them the most versatile of the various weapon types. We’ll go into more detail about this loadout below.

Ashen Bullets + Fusion Blast

There’s one mod that stands out as the best in Outriders: Ashen Bullets. This mod adds the ability to inflict the Ash status effect on enemies with every shot. There’s a good chance that many players will ignore this mod early on because the game does not drive home just how debilitating the Ash status is. It turns enemies to stone and stops them in their tracks.

The crazy thing is that almost every single foe, whether they’re human or monster, can be hit with Ash. There are some who are resistant to it, but few, if any, are immune. Pairing this with Fusion Blast will let players stagger enemies when they break out of Ash. By the time they recover, they’ve usually been afflicted with Ash again. Many challenging enemy types like Crawlers, Blood Morphers, Brood Mothers go from being deadly to dull with this combo.

We use this setup with a tactical assault rifle. The three-round burst helps with accuracy at a long-range while allowing for a high enough fire rate to keep pressure up and keep a foe locked down.

Winter Blast + Icebreaker

This combo doesn’t need much explanation. It’s fantastic for crowd control because it freezes them in place with Winter Blast and then causes area effect damage with Icebreaker.

We use this combo with a double gun. It has good range and rate of fire while using a different ammo pool from the assault rifle.

Sidearm: Striga + Soul Devourer

This combo allows players to heal through critical hits and kills quickly. We use it with a revolver, but it works decently on any sidearm type. It’s a great alternate way to get some quick health by killing a few weak enemies.