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Where to farm Titanium in Outriders

Players will want to farm as much Titanium as possible in Outriders. This valuable resource is used to upgrade weapons to higher rarities, which gives additional mod slots. Since weapon mods are essential to constructing the best builds, getting a steady flow of Titanium is incredibly useful. Fortunately, there are a few good ways to farm Titanium in Outriders, which we’ll explain below.

Best location to farm Titanium in Outriders

Outriders Titanium farming boss

The best place to farm Titanium in Outriders currently is the Molten Acari boss fight. This enemy might give players a bit of a challenge their first time through the game, but it drops around 30 Titanium per fight–regardless of World Tier level. This means players who have reached the endgame can drop down to WT1 and melt the Molten Acari to farm Titanium.

Given that the above method makes farming Titanium in Outriders so easy, it almost seems like a bug. Fortunately, if this method gets patched, there are still ways to farm Titanium.

Titanium enters the regular loot table at World Tier 9. Once players hit this difficulty, Captains and other tough enemies will start dropping the material. The higher the World Tier is set after this point, the better chance Titanium will be gained as loot instead of Iron.

The best way to farm Titanium outside of the method we gave above is to find a repeatable side quest with a Captain near the beginning. Players can set the World Tier to the highest they have unlocked and head to the Captain. The trick here is to kill the Captain, grab their loot, and then die. After death, players will respawn at the checkpoint before the fight. They’ll still have the loot they just got, but the whole enemy group will have reset.

So, the best way to farm Titanium from Captains is to make like the Tom Cruise movie and:

  1. Live
  2. Die
  3. Repeat

Players can keep killing the Captain and grabbing Titanium until their heart is content, and then finish the side quest.