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Heroes and Castles 2 iPhone Cheats

Tips and Tricks

Summoning Bannermen will increase the rate you earn Command Points which are used to summon units.

Running, attacking, and dashing use Stamina. While your Stamina is depleted, attacks will do less damage.

Make sure to keep spending Command Points on new units or you will be easily overrun without an army!

When you level up, you will earn one Skill Point to spend on new skills.

Once you choose a land you'll travel there and if you complete the mission, you will take the land and establish an outpost, earning bonus rewards as long as you own it.

Shield Knights specialize in destroying ranged units, use them to take down the approaching Skeleton Archers.

Priests can also restore health.

Upgrading units give significant boosts but keep in mind that different units improve in different ways, so be sure to learn the ins and outs of all your units before upgrading - and make sure to upgrade often!

Holding a unit's icon will enable/disable Auto-Build, continuously summoning them as you accumulate Command Points. You can put several units on Auto-Build simultaneously, which will cycle through summoning them in succession.