WhatsApp: What does one tick, two grey ticks, and two blue ticks mean?

WhatsApp users will be familiar with seeing two grey ticks, one grey tick, or two blue ticks after they’ve sent a message, but what do these symbols mean? While it can seem pretty straightforward, often users find that a single grey tick will remain even after a message has been delivered, particularly if they’re in a group chat. So why do these ticks stick around and what’s the difference?

What does one grey tick mean on WhatsApp?

whatsapp what do blue grey ticks mean

One grey tick on WhatsApp means that your message has been sent, but it hasn’t yet been received by your recipient. This may be because their device is off or it isn’t connected to the internet, so it has not been able to be delivered to them.

The one grey tick usually disappears after a few moments, though it will likely remain for longer in WhatsApp group chats. This is because certain members of the group may have their phone turned off or no connection to the internet.

How to see who has read your messages in group chat

You can find out who has read or received your message by pressing and holding the message, then selecting Info. This will allow you to see who has seen it, who it has successfully been delivered to, and who has yet to receive it.

What do two grey ticks mean on WhatsApp?

Two grey ticks on WhatsApp mean that the message has been delivered to the recipient, but they haven’t yet read it. Messages will remain with two grey ticks if the user doesn’t open WhatsApp in order to read the message you’ve sent to them.

Two grey ticks are common in group chats, as every user in the chat is required to view the message before it the message receives two blue ticks. If people in the group chat rarely use WhatsApp, there’s a much higher likelihood of the grey ticks remaining in place.

What do two blue ticks mean on WhatsApp?

Two blue ticks will appear on a WhatsApp message if it has been delivered and read by the recipient. When you see two blue ticks on a message, it means that the recipient has opened up your chat with them and has seen what you’ve sent along.

If two blue ticks appear in a group chat, that means that every user in the group has seen your message. Still, keep in mind that on most iOS and Android devices, users can still read WhatsApp messages when they appear on the home screen without opening up the app. Reading a message on the home screen won’t cause the blue ticks to appear, so a recipient may have still read your message without opening the WhatsApp app.

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