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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [ACT 1 – VELEN] Family Matters ALL PATHS (VIDEO)

This quest is available immediately after finishing the main quest, Bloody Baron.

After completing Bloody Baron Geralt is asked to help the Baron find his wife and daughter in exchange for finding out more about Ciri.

Make sure to search all the rooms thoroughly to find all the clues including two scent trails. One of which will lead you down to the cellar where you will find an alter made as a ritual of the Eternal Fire.

SECONDARY QUEST: Princess in Distress

When you are asked to speak to the Pellar he asks you to find is goat by leading it back to Geralt’s hut with a bell. You must agree to do this before The Pellar will help you find out more information about the Baron’s family.  

GAMER TIP: Before finding the Pellar's goat kill all wolves in the area and a Bear in a cave off to the right side of your map as you head toward the sound of the goat. Even after finding the goat it will wander off no matter what you do and go right to the cave where the bear is. If you kill it before finding the goat than it will be easier to bring it back to the Pellar's hut

After you help him he will inform you that you are dealing with a Botchling and there are two ways you can go about dealing with it.

DECISION POINT: Kill the Botchling or Lift the Curse Peacefully

How you decide to deal with the Baron's Botchling spawn only affects the sequence of events leading to the end of the quest. Although each option ultimately does not hinder your progress with the BAron they do lead to significantly different events occuring.

OPTION 1 - Break the Curse Peacefully

GAMER TIP: With this option you will only have to fight wraiths as the Baron carries the Botchling so make sure to use Spectre Oil before you head back to the Baron's stronghold and during the fight use Yrden and Quen to help slow the enemy and protect Geralt from sneak attacks.

OPTION 2 - Break the Curse by Killing the Botchling and Performing the Pellar’s Ritual


Botchling- Axii Sign (Helps prevent health regeneration)

- Cursed Oil
Wraiths During Pellar's CeremonyWhile you can take them on as they spawn around the fires the goal here is to keep the fire lit. I highly reccomend dodging and avoiding combat altogether. Focus on using Igni to light the fires immediately after they go out and the ceremony will be over quick leading to

the final phase of the quest


Both paths end up having the same conclusion with Geralt ending up at a small hut where some peasants are able to tell him where Tamara, the Baron’s daughter has gone. They do not have information on Anna though. Once you tell the Baron you can choose to agree to help him or not, either way he’ll give you a letter allowing you passage into Oxenfurt.

GAMER TIP: When you get to Oxenfurt you can swim across the river and avoid using the letter altogether. You can also find Tamara before you talk to the Baron if you want to.

In order to fully complete this quest you have to complete Ladies of the Wood