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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [PROLOGUE] TREASURE HUNTS: White Orchard Notice Board (VIDEO)

Treasure Hunts

White Orchard Notice Board

Throughout the game, by looking at Notice Boards, in addition to Witcher Contracts and Secondary Quests, the map near a Notice Board will be filled with points of interest for exploration. Some of these are small Treasure Hunt quests, where Geralt finds a document that tells him he needs to search a nearby area for a hidden treasure:


1. Scavenger Hunt: Viper School Gear 

Check the Viper School Gear FAQ for a description.



2. Dirty Funds

This hunt starts to the East of the Cemetery, East of White Orchard. In the chest you'll find a note which starts a new quest. Track the quest and read the note. It directs you to another bandit camp. The leader of the bandits has a shield, so either parry and counterattack, or use the axii sign to muddle him—which sometimes results in an instant finishing move. If you raid the bandit camp first, the quest will auto-complete when you find the note.



3. Deserter Gold

Further East from the start of Dirty funds is a spy outpost. The spy lies dead in the middle of his camp. Check his chest to find his notes which will activate the quest. 

Read the notes, which tell you that a bandit camp has been using a building near the Old Mill to store their treasure. Go to the Old Mill, and go inside the building nearby. Go down the stairs and use the Aard sign to open the door. One of the chests inside will be locked. This is part of the Temerian Valuables quest. 



4. Temerian Valuables 

This hunt starts at a bridge to the North of White Orchard. On the West bank of the river you'll find the corpse of a Temerian soldier. Check his corpse to find the Temerian Lilly key. Dive into the water nearby to find a chest. Inside is a or some blood soaked orders. Read them.

This will direct you back to the Old Mill. Head back there and open the chest you couldn't before. 

White Orchard Notice Board Locations


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