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The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt [PROLOGUE] SCAVENGER HUNTS: Viper School Gear (VIDEO)


Viper School Gear

The Witcher 3 has Scavenger Hunt missions for the different Schools of Witchers (you start of with Wolf gear, but there's diagrams you can find in these scavenger hunts for Viper, Griffin, Cat, and Bear schools). The Viper School Gear comprises two of the best swords that you can get early in the game, and you can find diagrams for both in White Orchard. Scavenger Hunt challenges have multiple parts, and can be completed in any order. 



There are two locations you can go to, to start the quest. I recommend starting at Amavet Fortress Ruins, to the East of White Orchard. It's being used as a bandit camp. After dispatching the bandits, you can find the diagram for the Serpentine Steel Sword and an Interrogation Report in a chest to the left inside the fortress ruins, which starts the quest. Read the Interrogation report.

The interrogation report tells you that the Witcher Kolgrim was held here for interrogation on suspicion of killing a child, and chose a Trial by Ordeal to prove his innocence, and kill some wraiths in a local crypt rather than face local justice. However he died in the crypt before the authorities discovered the boy was killed by drowners. So this opens up the next location, the White Orchard Cemetery.

At the cemetery, you will be attacked by a wraith. Use Yrden sign and attack the wraith while it is within the sign's borders, since it will be weakened by the sign. You can also increase damage by coating your blade in Specter Oil. After you take away about two thirds of its vitality, the wraith will disappear.


Go to the door of the crypt and destroy it with the Aard sign. Head down the steps and prepare Yrden and finish off the wraith. To the right inside, you should find a skeleton sitting against the wall, this is the remains of Witcher Kolgrim. Loot his body to find the diagram for the Serpentine Silver Sword and an unmailed letter to members of his order telling them about how he got wrongfully accused. If you find the Witcher Kolgrim's remains first, the letter will direct Geralt to the Amavet Fortress Ruins.

Go to the Nilfgaardian garrison where you will find a swordsmith. The swordsmith can forge either of these blades for you. However, the hardest component to get for this is emerald dust, which wraiths sometimes (but not always) drop on being defeated. If you don't have emerald dust, I suggest taking on the Devil by the Well Witcher Contract, since the Noonwraith also leaves emerald dust when defeated.

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